Anti-Money Laundering/Know-Your-Customer Data and Services Vendor Landscape 2019

(Company Profiles of Key AML/KYC Data & Information Providers, Global AML/KYC Data & Information Market Spend 2019e)


Burton-Taylor delivers the anti-money laundering (AML)/know-your-customer (KYC) industry’s only comprehensive analysis of vendor market offerings in terms of databases & feeds, risk screening and due diligence research services, along with vendor high-level strategy and market positioning, recent developments and future plans.


This 149-page analysis is sufficiently detailed to allow data/information providers and buyers to quickly evaluate leading vendors and their market positioning in the AML/KYC industry.


This is the second Anti-Money Laundering/Know-Your-Customer Data & Services Vendor Landscape report published by Burton-Taylor and is a supplementary report to the Anti-Money Laundering/Know-Your-Customer Data & Services Global Share 2019 study. Both reports are successors to the Burton-Taylor Credit, Fraud, Risk & Compliance Data & Information Market Size and Share study published between 2014-16.

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  • Ten detailed Company Profiles of AML/KYC Data & Services vendors, each showing company background, database & feed coverage, content coverage, risk screening and due diligence research capabilities, recent developments, company strategy, market positioning and pricing model and future plans.
  • Six Company Profiles of recent entrants of AML/KYC Data & Services vendors.
  • High-level capability summary, giving a snapshot of key AML/KYC-related capabilities across all featured vendors.
  • Overview of projected 2019 market share by vendor with regional estimates of revenue for selected leading companies, within the Americas, EMEA and Asia.
  • Timeline Charts displaying Notable M&A transactions impacting the AML/KYC market.
  • For the “complete” industry view, this report has a companion Anti-Money Laundering/Know-Your-Customer Data and Services Global Share 2019 report, which includes projected global share and regional distribution.

View high-level findings and sample slides from the report

To view high-level findings and sample slides from the report, download the Anti-Money Laundering (AML)/Know-Your-Customer (KYC) Global Share 2018 – Information Kit.

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What companies are covered in this report?
  • Acuris Risk Intelligence
  • Arachnys
  • Bureau van Dijk
  • C6 Intelligence
  • Dow Jones Risk & Compliance
  • info4c
  • LexisNexis Risk Solutions
  • NominoData
  • Opus Alacra Compliance
  • Refinitiv
  • RDC


  • The following companies are included with summary profiles that include main offerings, company strategy, market positioning and pricing models.
    • ComplyAdvantage
    • Dun & Bradstreet
    • Kharon
    • Kompli-Global
    • smartKYC
    • Vital4
Who should buy this report?
  • Directors of Risk
  • Directors of Compliance
  • Financial Risk Managers
  • Regulatory Affairs Managers
  • Risk Product Managers
  • Credit Risk Managers
  • Fraud Prevention Managers
  • Insurance Fraud Investigators
  • Anti-Money Laundering Officers
  • Investment Bankers
  • Private Equity Partners
  • Venture Capital Investors
  • Information Purchasing Managers
  • Market Data Managers
  • Researchers
How does this report benefit AML/KYC information suppliers or industry analysts?

This report allows them to measure the penetration and growth of competitor services, evaluate the past success of company and competitor actions, as well as isolate and target new and changing growth opportunities.

How does this report benefit AML/KYC data users?

Users can determine the leading current, historical, regional, and global share leaders, as well as target a market leading vendor appropriate to their needs.

Is all the underlying spreadsheet data included?

There is no separate spreadsheet delivered with this report. The supplementary report AML/KYC Data and Services Global Share 2019 report, includes an analysis of the projected global share and regional distribution

What are the distribution rights?

This report may be shared with “up to five users, within the same firm”.

Can I view the table of contents?
How much does the report cost?

This report costs $5,000 and is available for immediate purchase and download.

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