07 Jan 2019 Bloomberg Revenue Continues to Diversify

The Financial Market Data/Analysis industry continued to evolve in 2018, with areas of focus for vendors on providing transparency in fixed-income markets, providing clean and reliable datasets and providing data analytics based on advanced technologies. As part of its subscription research calendar, Burton-Taylor analyzed Bloomberg’s business activities to magnify where the company is seeing the fastest growth in 2018 and beyond.

Research Products Lead the Way

Bloomberg completed multiple product launches in 2018 centered around fast-growing segments in the industry such as emerging markets, socially responsible investing and advanced data analysis tools. Revenue growth generally occurred across all segments of the business, but the fastest growing revenues are projected to come from Research related usage, increasing an estimated 8.9% since 2017.  The second-largest product segment growth is expected to come from Portfolio Management & Analytics products followed by Pricing, Reference & Valuation Data, Real-Time & Trading Data, and News products.

Terminal Revenues Account for Lower Share of Total Revenues

Bloomberg’s estimated 2018 revenue is expected to increase by mid-single digit percentages, bringing total company revenue to an estimated $10 billion, which would be a new annual revenue record for the company. Growth in Bloomberg’s non-terminal product revenue is projected to outpace growth in terminal product revenue in 2018, with the proportion of revenue coming from non-terminal sales increasing to 23.4% of the company’s revenues.

2018 Full-Year Bloomberg Company Growth

Find out more about the shifting shape of Bloomberg’s product, segment, user and terminal/non-terminal revenue mix, and how it is expected to reshape the business this year, in Burton-Taylor’s Companies to Watch – Bloomberg report.

Douglas B. Taylor is the Founder of Burton-Taylor International Consulting, part of TP ICAP group, where he is responsible for its Financial Market Data/Analysis vertical, focusing on how competitive pressures are forcing shifts in business models and strategic initiatives of industry providers in the financial market data space.

Jennifer Milton is an Analyst at Burton-Taylor International Consulting, part of TP ICAP group, where she is responsible for research, analysis and report generation covering Financial Market Data/Analysis Providers and Anti-Money Laundering/Know Your Customer Data & Information Vendors.