Bloomberg v Reuters News – Analysis of International Services, April 2009


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Bloomberg and Reuters deliver nearly 50,000 proprietary or third party news items per day, making it incredibly difficult to fully understand which service provides the greatest or most appropriate content for any individual need.   Burton-Taylor delivers the first ever comparative analysis of the two largest financial news services. The report is sufficiently detailed to allow global market participants to make better informed, more confident and more appropriate purchase decisions.  The report will also allow news providers to make more competitive product requirement and specification decisions, which could result in greater profitability.   This 80 page report includes qualitative and extensive quantitative analysis of international and regional content, daily and hourly volume, 3rd party redistribution, coverage breadth, coverage depth and commentary comparison between Bloomberg News and Reuters News.


High Level Findings

Based upon the days sampled, this Burton-Taylor report indicated:

  • Of the total items delivered daily by each service, 3rd party sources account for 57% of Bloomberg textual content delivery, 41% of Reuters textual content delivery.
  • As a percentage of their total file, excluding 3rd party sources, Bloomberg News is most heavily weighted in spot Financial Asset News while Reuters Markets News is more heavily weighted toward Market Reports, Overviews & Commentary.
  • The research also highlights differences in news philosophy, as Bloomberg tend to send a higher percentage of their news as headline-only “alerts”, while Reuters weights their news more toward full stories.

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