Bloomberg v Reuters News – Analysis of Fixed Income Services, April 2010


As the world’s largest financial news agencies, Bloomberg News and Reuters News deliver roughly the same number of items per day coded as relevant to fixed income, but their coverage is significantly different.


Burton-Taylor, the recognized market data/analysis industry leader, delivers the first ever fixed income comparative analysis of the two largest financial news services.   This report is sufficiently detailed to allow fixed income news users and market participants to make better informed, more confident and more appropriate purchase decisions.


This report will also allow news providers to make more competitive product requirement and specification decisions, which could result in greater profitability.


This report includes qualitative and extensive quantitative comparison of international, regional and local fixed income content, coverage depth and coverage breadth by fixed income instrument type between Bloomberg News and Reuters News.

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  • Seven pages of summary findings comparing total, global fixed income coverage from Bloomberg News and from Reuters News, including daily volume by debt instrument type, geographic focus and headline-only “Alerts” v full-out stories.
  • Nine pages of detailed volume comparisons across nine primary fixed income instrument types in ten important regions or countries.
  • Ten pages of detailed comparisons of headline-only “Alerts” v full-out stories across the ten regions or countries for each of the nine primary fixed income instruments or topics.
  • Thirteen pages of qualitative findings including screen captures showing comparative story coverage at key moments in time and the B-T proprietary NewsMeterTM illustrating the differences in how a single event was covered by the two services.
  • All underlying headlines used to generate news comparisons (delivered in spreadsheet format).

View high-level findings and sample slides from the report

To view high-level findings and sample slides from the report, download the Bloomberg v Reuters News – Analysis of Fixed Income Services, April 2010 – Information Kit.

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What fixed income instrument types are covered in this report?
  • Agencies
  • Asset Backed
  • Corporate/Eurobond
  • Covered Bonds
  • Derivatives
  • Emerging Markets
  • Government Debt
  • Mortgage Backed
  • Municipal Bonds
What are the ten important countries/regions covered in the report?
  • Canada
  • China
  • Europe
  • India
  • Japan
  • Latin America
  • Middle East
  • Russia
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
Who should buy this report?
  • Global Asset Managers
  • Hedge Funds
  • Researchers
  • Institutional Investors
  • Sales & Trading Desks
  • Corporate Treasurers
  • Corporate Financiers
  • Fixed Income News Editors
  • Fixed Income News Product Managers
  • Fixed Income News Strategists
  • Fixed Income News Marketers
  • News Aggregators
  • News Distributors
  • Information Purchasing Managers
How does this report benefit news users?

This report allows them to determine the service most appropriate to their needs and to understand the differences in fixed income instrument cover, regional focus and value for money between suppliers.

How does this report benefit news producers and distributors?

This report allows them to assess the breadth, depth and focus of competitor files, evaluate the differing editorial approaches employed by competitors, and see news content by type, region and fixed income topic, equipping them to create more compelling and user-appropriate news files.

Is all the underlying spreadsheet data included?

Yes.  Burton-Taylor includes all underlying spreadsheet data and notes.

What are the distribution rights?

This report carries enterprise-wide or library distribution rights.

Can I view the table of contents?
How much does the report cost?

This report costs $15,000 and is available for immediate purchase and download.

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