Burton-Taylor Finds U.S. Futures Dominate

ICE Revenues Outpace CME in 2019.

Consultants Burton-Taylor report today that Intercontinental Exchange and CME Group remain the two largest exchange operators in the world, measured by total revenues. CME’s exchange revenues were the highest in the world and, at $3.9 billion, dwarf number two Deutsche Boerse’s $2.34 and number three ICE’s $2.28. These latter two companies’ results include sizable securities trading operations.

The consultants highlight the contributions that both U.S. exchanges’ recent non-exchange acquisitions made to the top line – Interactive Data by ICE and NEX by CME. NEX helped make CME the fastest growing exchange in the world with a 13 percent increase in revenues.  At ICE, revenue from its information services rivals its trading revenues. NEX’s contribution helped push a 7.6 percent growth rate in CME trading and clearing revenues, which account for about 80 percent of CME’s revenues from all sources.

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