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From 2003-2011 mainland China financial market data/analysis demand grew at a 42.1% compound annual growth rate (CAGR), to reach USD745.4m.  


Burton-Taylor “pulls back the curtain” to reveal the often difficult to measure mainland China market data vendor share.   This 43 page report allows market data/analysis providers, users or industry analysts to clearly understand 2012 competitive positioning, the recent trends and the domestic vs international vendor dynamics, in mainland China.  


This report includes quantitative analysis, detailed underlying data and important market observations.

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  • Top ten company “Market Sheets”, each showing estimated China share, five-year performance trend, recent acquisition history and revenue for the largest or most influential companies in the industry.
  • Five-year market share and trend data for the top ten companies included in the Market Sheets.
  • Estimated number of desktops, pricing, product demographics and target user groups for the top ten companies included in the Market Sheets.

View high-level findings and sample slides from the report

To view high-level findings and sample slides from the report, download the China Financial Market Data/Analysis Market Share 2012 – Information Kit.

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What companies are covered in this report?
  • Bloomberg (彭博资讯)
  • China Finance Online (中国金融在线)
  • China Money/CFETS (中国货币网)
  • Da Zhi Hui/Great Wisdom (大智慧)
  • East Money Information (东方财富网)
  • Hexin Flush (核新同花顺网络信息股份有限公司)
  • Shenyin Wanguo Research (万国测评)
  • Thomson Reuters (路透)
  • TX Investment Consulting Co Ltd (天相投资资讯)
  • Wind (万得)

Who should buy this report?
  • China Strategists
  • China Product Managers
  • China Marketers
  • China Sales Managers
  • China Market Data Industry Analysts
  • China Information Purchasing Managers
  • China Asset Managers
  • China Researchers
  • China Sales & Trading Desks
  • China Hedge Funds
  • China Retail Wealth Managers
  • China Corporate Treasurers
  • China Investment Bankers

How does this report benefit China market data/analysis companies or industry analysts?

This report allows them to measure the penetration and growth of competitor services, evaluate the past success of company and competitor actions, as well as isolate and target new and changing growth opportunities.

How does this report benefit China market data/analysis users?

This report allows them to determine the leading current, historical, regional and global share leaders within the segments they operate, as well as target a market leading vendor appropriate to their needs.

What are the distribution rights?

This report carries enterprise-wide or library distribution rights.

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How much does the report cost?

This report costs $2,500 and is available for immediate purchase and download.

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