This Burton-Taylor Company Focus investigates reports in September 2020 that the world’s largest Media Intelligence provider, Cision, and the second-largest provider, Meltwater, have been planning to merge.

The report summarizes published media reports and Burton-Taylor findings regarding a potential deal, considers what shape a combined entity might be expected to take, provides profiles of the two companies, looks at the recent history of Cision, including its acquisition by private equity firm Platinum Equity, and analyzes the financial performance and debt funding history of Meltwater.

It then provides perspectives on the market share of the two providers, highlighting market segments and regions where a combination of the two companies could have the potential to create notable concentrations.

It explores the market effects of previous divestments and highlights potential market concentration resolution models from adjacent areas of the information industry.

Finally, the report gives Burton-Taylor’s view of the potential impact of a combination of Cision and Meltwater on the Media Intelligence/PR Software and Information marketplace.

This 67-page analysis is sufficiently detailed to allow Media Intelligence and Public Relations Software/Information providers to understand the possible impact of a merger, overall and within the potentially most-affected market segments and regions.

It also provides insight to investors in the industry and their advisors, helping them to make better-informed, more confident and more appropriate investment decisions.

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This report may be shared with “up to five users, within the same firm”.

Should you require enterprise distribution rights, the right to share the report or data with other firms, or the right to use the report or data in regulatory filings or publicly available marketing materials, please email for pricing.

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