Burton-Taylor works with market data vendors, exchanges, credit agencies, investment banks, private equity firms and media companies to conduct due diligence or to define product, sales, pricing and competitor strategies that dramatically improve market or customer understanding and performance.

Who uses Burton-Taylor Consulting Services?

  • Information Vendors
  • Global Exchanges
  • Investment Banks
  • Private Equity Firms
  • Credit Agencies
  • Media Companies
  • Consulting Firms
  • Corp Strategy Depts

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How are Burton-Taylor consulting services used?

Venture Capital/PE Firms

Venture capital/private equity firms, like Battery Ventures, use Burton-Taylor consulting services to complete deep due diligence into the China market data, or other new and opaque markets, to ensure they fully understand the competitive landscape before they invest.

Major Exchanges

Major exchanges in Europe, Asia and the Americas, use B-T consulting services to quantify key target market sizes, competitors and growth rates to serve as foundation for investment or divestment strategies.

Major Consulting Firms

Global consulting firms, like PriceWaterhouseCoopers, use Burton-Taylor consulting services when they aspire to create new practices in emerging markets such as China, to forecast the evolution of that market and to target primary and secondary opportunities.

Data Vendors

Large and small data vendors use B-T consulting services to measure and prioritize market growth prospects, to define target user groups and needs, and to prepare sales tools.

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Burton-Taylor Consulting services – Hourglass Analysis TM

Fancy name, simple process, phenomenally profitable results

The Burton-Taylor proprietary Hourglass AnalysisTM methodology provides a structured, yet customizable consulting approach that helps companies dramatically improve three critical business disciplines;  Market Intelligence, Strategic Planning and Revenue Generation.


Hourglass AnalysisTM creates an incredibly detailed set of market, competitor and user needs for your industry, which forms the foundation of your growth strategy.


After defining the strategy, Hourglass AnalysisTM results in a clear set of detailed actions to implement your plans and ensure go-to-market success.


Burton-Taylor Consulting Services support the unique Market Intelligence, Strategic Planning or Revenue Generation needs of your business and equip you to achieve faster and more profitable results.

Market Intelligence

Global Market Sizing

Measuring the broadest point in the market – What’s the total spend globally, in our potential target markets?

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Regional & Local Market Sizing

Beginning to narrow the opportunities – Which regions or countries offer the greatest potential return?

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Industry & Market Trends

Assessing the future state of play – Of the potential opportunities, which are positioned to outperform?

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Market Segmentation

Combining potential targets into groups with broad sets of common needs – Are there specific market subsets that best fit your company’s core competencies?

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Competitor Profiles

Detailed assessments of key market players – What are the strengths and weaknesses of the most important current market participants?

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Competitor Share Analysis

Quantifying current market “ownership” – Who is entrenched and who is ripe to be replaced?

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User Needs Detail

Quantifying the difference between target groups – Which users have the strongest demand that your company can reasonably fulfil?

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Strategic Planning

Target Customer ID

Honing the list of target groups – Of the target groups within you company’s core competencies, which offer the highest potential return?

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Value Proposition

Determining differentiation – What will separate your company’s offering from that of the competition?


Naming the target – What is the shorted distance from where your company is now to your new target revenue streams?

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Business Plan

Defining the plan – How much will it cost and how much will it return?

Marketing Specification

Crafting the first requirements to meet the target needs – What must we “build” to capture the target revenue?

Product Specification

Preparing a set of detailed requirements to deliver a profitable, compelling “product” – Exactly how will the “product” work to satisfy your target user needs?

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M&A/Partner Evaluation

Exploring potential external relations to shorten delivery timescales or improve efficiency – Are there existing companies with market share, competencies or IP that you can leverage?

Channel Strategy

Considering the fastest ways to market – Is the highest probability of success through your existing sales organization, a new internal team or through channel partners?

Revenue Generation

Go-To-Market Plan

Defining the specific tactics to generate the highest revenue within the shortest period – Where will you “attack”, what will you charge, how will you present your unique value proposition and why will it work?

Internal & External Messaging

Crafting compelling materials to entice your targets – What are the benefits that will resonate with your target users and how should they be conveyed?

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Sales Tool Creation

Authoring a Sales Tool Kit that quickly and easily equips sales teams to produce – How do we bring together user needs, value proposition, pricing, competitive advantage and sales messaging in a form that is easy-to-use?

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Sales Training Plans

Preparing a curriculum that ensures success – Which training tools will be most effective in delivering a confident, consistent, urgent sales team.

Sales Prospecting Plans

Leveraging detailed needs analysis to target specific buyers – Who do we know will buy before we even contact them?

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Marketing ROI Metrics

Defining marketing actions and measures – Which marketing activities are delivering the greatest return and how can they be repeated?

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Turning the idea into profit.

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