04 Jun 2019 Inside Market Data Hall of Fame: Douglas Taylor, “The Surveyor”

Inside Market Data & Inside Reference Data Awards 2019: Douglas B. Taylor, founder, Burton-Taylor International Consulting

Before starting Burton-Taylor International Consulting and authoring definitive reports on market size and competitive share for the market data industry, Douglas B. Taylor had already spent a quarter-century in the financial and market data industries.  And now, more than a dozen years later, as he prepares to hand the reins of the business he built to his successor, Taylor has no desire to quit the industry.  But data wasn’t always Taylor’s passion.  Raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Taylor could have followed his parents into their printing business.  In fact, but for an injury, the young Doug Taylor saw his future in basketball, and was such a promising player that the coach at a local private Catholic high school got him enrolled ostensibly to play on the basketball team after spotting the young Taylor playing with friends who were students at the school.  Taylor made the school team, but in his sophomore year painfully blocked a pass with his hand.  An X-ray confirmed broken bones that had already started to heal crooked.  The injury kept him off the court for much of the year, and though he returned the next year, he ended up quitting the team.

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