Media Intelligence Acquisition Analysis 2019


Media Intelligence Acquisition Analysis: Deals by Major Acquirer, Deals by Segment, Deal Metrics, Stated Intentions and Subsequent Events


This unique in-depth analysis looks at recent acquisition trends in the Media Intelligence/PR Software & Information industry, covering the last ten years and more and analyzing almost 100 transactions.  It is by far the most extensive Media Intelligence M&A report available.


The analysis, running to 153 pages in the “Complete” edition, provides a snapshot view of transactions by major acquirer and segment; then gives individual transaction details, including location, segment, stated intentions, subsequent events and any available deal metrics.


Available in Single Segment or Complete versions.


The analysis, running to 153 pages in the “Complete” edition, helps market participants and investors to make better-informed, more confident and more appropriate investment decisions.


CRITICAL: This report may be purchased with online access rights for up to five users within the same firm.   It is also available as part of an annual Media Intelligence service subscription.

For your protection, each report is individually ID/password protected.  After purchasing, each licensed user within your organization will be provided with access to a unique copy for their use.


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  • Executive summary, including acquisition spend by top acquirers and high-level deal metrics
  • Detailed analysis of recent M&A by major acquirers: GTCR/Cision (from 2014), Meltwater (from 2011), Kantar (from 2012) and Isentia (from 2011), including overview and outlook
  • Detailed analysis of recent Media Intelligence M&A by market segment, including integrated solutions (from 2011), media monitoring (from 2009), media analysis (from 2009), journalist/key influencer contact management databases (from 2010), press release distribution (from 2006) and social media software (by companies with key competence in Media Intelligence – from 2010

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What companies are covered in this report?
  • Cision
  • Meltwater
  • Kantar
  • Isentia
  • Over 100 other companies, all active in Media Intelligence M&A in recent years either as acquirers or targets
What are the major industry segments covered in the report?
  • Media Monitoring
  • Media Analysis
  • Journalist/Key Influencer Databases
  • Press Release Distribution
  • Social Media
Who should buy this report?
  • Media Intelligence Provider Senior Management
  • Private Equity and VC Firms
  • Investment Banks
  • Advisory Firms
  • Strategists
  • Media Industry Analysts
  • Media Monitoring Solution Vendors
  • Media Analysis Solution Vendors
  • Press Release Distribution Solution Vendors
  • Journalist/Key Influencer Contact Management Solution Vendors
  • Social Media Software Solution Vendors
  • Integrated PR Software Solution Vendors
How does this report benefit Media and PR industry vendors or industry analysts?

This report allows them to understand competitor strategies and actions in M&A; gain a deeper understanding of deal metrics; and evaluate the past successes or failures of market M&A moves.

How does this report benefit industry advisers and investors?

This report allows them to gain deep understanding of market M&A developments; identify the most active acquirers within each segment; and gain a structured understanding of deal metrics.

What are the distribution rights?

The report may be purchased via online access, which includes personalised access for up to five users, within the same firm.  Please note that enterprise distribution rights are not available with this report.

Can I view the table of contents?
How much does the report cost?

There are two options to purchase this report.

The single-segment version provides an executive summary; detailed analysis of top acquirers (GTCR/Cision, Meltwater, Kantar and Isentia – 38 transactions in total); detailed analysis of integrated solutions acquisitions (8 transactions); and detailed analysis of one individual segment from the following five options: Media Monitoring (27 transactions); Media Analysis (11 transactions); Journalist/Key Influencer Contact Management Databases (13 transactions); Press Release Distribution (13 transactions); Social Media (20 transactions). Access is provided for up to five users within the same firm, for a price of USD2,800 per segment.


The  Complete version, which includes all elements from the single-segment version plus detailed analysis for all five segments, is provided for up to five users within the same firm for a price of USD8,400.


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