Burton-Taylor Past Year and Special Reports


Burton-Taylor research reports are recognized as critical benchmarks, highlighting unique growth opportunities, unexpected demand dynamics and rare competitor intelligence within the financial market data, news, media intelligence, public relations, credit, risk and exchange industries.


Burton-Taylor is recognized as the “trusted authority” whose data is often cited by The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, NY Times, Forbes and other influential publications.

Financial Market Data/News Demand, 2016 & 2017 – Global Survey Results

Exchange Global Share & Segment Sizing 2016

Financial Market Data/Analysis Global Share & Segment Sizing 2016

Media Intelligence and PR Information/Software Global Share & Segment Sizing 2016

Company Focus – Cision Acquisition/Prospectus Analysis

Company Focus – Meltwater Finally Files Financials 

Credit, Fraud, Risk and Compliance Data/Analysis Global Share & Segment Sizing 2015

Financial Market Data/Analysis EMEA Key Country Share & Market Sizing 2013

China Financial Market Data/Analysis Market Share 2012

China Financial Market Data/Analysis Market Share & User Requirements 2010

Bloomberg v Reuters News –  Analysis of Fixed Income Services, April 2010

Bloomberg v Reuters News –  Analysis of International Services, April 2009

Who uses Burton-Taylor Reports?

  • Product Strategists
  • Industry Analysts
  • Investment Banks
  • Private Equity Firms
  • Consulting Firms
  • Sales Organizations
  • Consulting Firms
  • Corp Strategy Depts

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How are Burton-Taylor reports used?

Financial Market Data Companies

The most successful financial market data companies use Burton-Taylor reports to benchmark their performance, track their competition and find the fastest growing user groups

Major Exchanges

The world’s fastest growing exchanges use Burton-Taylor reports to target diversification opportunities that will expand their businesses into new revenue markets

Media Intelligence & PR Firms

Forward-thinking media intelligence and PR firms use Burton-Taylor reports to better understand what is impacting traditional distribution revenue and what is driving the hyper-accelerated social media growth.

Credit, Fraud, & Risk

Trusted credit, fraud, risk management and compliance tool providers use Burton-Taylor reports to fully grasp the impact that changing regulations are having on demand.

Investment Banks and PE Firms

The most active investment banks and private equity firms use Burton-Taylor reports to quantify market size and to unearth ownership and acquisition candidates.

Consulting Firms

The largest consulting firms use Burton-Taylor reports to ensure a rock-solid foundation of unique industry data is behind all their recommendations.

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