Burton-Taylor is the recognized market data/analysis industry leader and delivers an important review and expectation of S&P Global acquiring Kensho.

Global information company S&P Global has announced that it has agreed to acquire Kensho Technologies, Inc, a leading edge provider of artificial intelligence (A.I.), machine learning, and data visualization systems.  The deal is valued at roughly USD550m and is certain to spark changes in the competitive dynamics of the Global Market Data/Analysis space, where S&P Global has been one of the fastest growing constituents.


Burton-Taylor has pulled together the details of the deal and drawn on its extensive knowledge of the industry to answer the key questions that will ultimately determine whether Kensho will benefit S&P Global and its clients.   The analysis includes a profile of the S&P Global market data businesses (Market Intelligence and Platts), a listing of the important deal parameters, a timeline of meaningful acquisitions and divestures involving the S&P Global market data businesses since their formulation, and the Burton-Taylor view of three potential successes or challenges ahead.


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