Burton-Taylor is the recognized “Voice of the Industry” in the Financial Market Data/Analysis space offering this new report on the Financial Data Marketplace Landscape.

This Burton-Taylor report presents an analysis of the burgeoning Financial Data Marketplace Landscape. The report includes an analysis of the following:

  • Defining a data marketplace
  • Examining how data marketplaces are transforming the financial industry
  • Distinguishing between private and public marketplaces
  • Analyzing the place of data marketplaces within the business lifecycle
  • Inspecting the drivers behind the rise of data marketplaces
  • Analyzing the benefits and challenges associated with these data platforms
  • Examining the keys players in the landscape

CRITICAL:  This report does NOT carry “enterprise” distribution rights. It may be shared with “up to five users, within the same firm” via customized pdf files.  Should you require enterprise distribution rights, the right to share the report or data with other firms, or the right to use the report or data in regulatory filings or publicly available marketing materials, please email questions@burton-taylor.com for pricing.

For the “whole story” on the Financial Market Data/Analysis industry, see the comprehensive, five-year,  Financial Market Data/Analysis Global Share & Segment Sizing 2020 (Annual Benchmark) report here.

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