Burton-Taylor is the recognized market data/analysis industry leader, delivering critical competitive data and reports that are considered industry benchmarks.

(Key Competitors, Global Market Share 2009-13, Global Segment Sizing 2009-13, Global Product Mix 2009-13, Global User Mix 2009-13, Global Institution Mix 2009-13)


In 2013, global spend on market data/analysis showed the weakest growth since 2009, up 1.10% to USD25.88b.


Burton-Taylor is the recognized market data/analysis industry leader and delivers a comprehensive analysis containing five-years of market data supplier share, demand segmentation, vendor demographics, product segmentation, user segmentation and institutional buyer segmentation.


This 126 page analysis is sufficiently detailed to allow market data/analysis providers or industry analysts to clearly understand competitive positioning currently, historically, globally, regionally and within individual demand segments, product groups, user types or institutions.


The report will also enable market data/analysis users to make better informed, more confident and more appropriate purchase decisions which could result in greater profitability.