Burton-Taylor, the recognized exchange and market data/analysis industry leader, delivers an analysis of the proposed combination of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing and the London Stock Exchange Group.

On September 11, 2019, leading exchange operator Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing publicly released a statement regarding its proposal to combine with London Stock Exchange Group plc.  The terms of the original proposal implies an enterprise value of ~GBP31.6b and would certainly significantly alter the global exchange landscape if completed. The proposed transaction faces serious obstacles including an initial offer rejection from the Board of the London Stock Exchange Group.


Burton-Taylor has pulled together the details of the proposed transaction and drawn on its extensive knowledge and data to answer the key questions regarding the hurdles facing this proposed merger and the potential revenue impact this deal would have on the market participants involved and exchange industry at-large.


The analysis includes a profile of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing businesses (pro forma before and after the combination), a listing of the important deal logistics, a SWOT analysis on the proposed tie-up, a listing of relevant regulatory authorities, and the Burton-Taylor view of the impacts on the exchange industry and the effects on HKEX’s business segments.


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