Burton-Taylor is the recognized exchange and financial market data industry research leader and delivers a comprehensive analysis of drivers influencing the market data industry.

(How Global Macro Trends in Demographics, Economics, Politics and Culture Influence the Market Data Industry – Today and Beyond)

This report introduces important factors, indirect but nonetheless critically important, to consider when forecasting the future growth of the market data industry presenting the case for evaluating the influence of non-financial, macro trends that are evident on the global stage and the impact they have on our growth models.

Financial markets are influenced greatly by non-financial changes to the global landscape, forcing market participants to consider the trickle-down effect of many macro-factors on the specific business of investing, trading and data management. Many forecast solid growth of key segments in the coming years as more data is consumed in our core businesses of trading, risk management and sales. However, when you view the big picture, it is clear that any of these macro drivers alone can counter those growth factors and thus, exert considerable influence on the markets.

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