Burton-Taylor is the recognized Media Intelligence/PR industry leader and delivers an important review of Meltwater growth and funding.

This exclusive Burton-Taylor report provides detailed new information on the terms of Meltwater’s USD175m refinancing and describes previously unreported events leading up to and following on from that transaction.


It also gives an update on Meltwater financial performance including definitive numbers for the company’s 2018 revenue, with breakdowns by region, drawing on recently published filings.


The report highlights significant changes in Meltwater’s spending patterns, analyses the company’s profitability and puts its latest refinancing moves and its recent performance into historical context.


Meltwater is a notable provider in the Media Intelligence market, with an extraordinary record of revenue and employee growth and a global market presence.


This 34-page Burton-Taylor report helps other market participants and investors to improve their understanding of this highly dynamic, fast-growing competitor.


CRITICAL:  This report does NOT carry “enterprise” distribution rights.  It may be shared with “up to five users, within the same firm”.  Should you require enterprise distribution rights, the right to share the report or data with other firms, or the right to use the report or data in regulatory filings or publicly available marketing materials, please email questions@burton-taylor.com for pricing.


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