Research Compares Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters News

A comparative study of news services from Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters shows that Bloomberg generally produces a higher volume of news items, while Thomson Reuters generally focuses more on analysis, according to research released this week by Burton-Taylor International Consulting LLC.

Burton-Taylor gathered data for both newswires on multiple dates each month between December and March. On average, Bloomberg carried just under 32,000 news items per day, compared to just under 14,000 per day by Thomson Reuters, including news from third-party vendors that are part of each service, but not including news items “scraped” from the Internet by Bloomberg and items such as corrections or service alerts.

According to Douglas B Taylor, managing partner at Burton-Taylor, Bloomberg delivers more third-party content than its rival, including items from other news sources, company announcements from sources like PR Newswires, and research announcements from sources such as Moody’s for ratings actions.  Without the third-party news sources, Bloomberg distributes roughly 11,000 items per day, while Thomson Reuters carries around 7,600 items.

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